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4107 Waverly Road, Murray, Nebraska 68409
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In 2005 Scatter Joy Acres (SJA) was founded by Joy Bartling as Soby Ranch Ministries in 2006 near Fort Calhoun, Nebraska to provide a new home, new life, and new meaning by rescuing abused or neglected animals.

Bartling’s first loves were the animals who became her closest childhood friends and confidants when she felt she had no one else to turn to during a painful part of her journey to adulthood. Understanding that there are often deep pains in life and the many times that human beings were not able to touch them, she realized she was not alone in that aspect.

At the ranch, the animals serve as an integral part of the on-going mission of providing therapeutic interaction for developmentally disabled and autistic children, seniors, veterans, and at-risk children.

Scatter Joy Acres provides an experience unlike any other for those it serves. Animal rescue and therapy, an urban ranch, real life – hands on STEM education, and animal interaction makes. Scatter Joy Acres an incredible organization and place to visit.

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