A lot of living had occurred in this area before the town of Murdock was founded. Both the Ox-Bow Trail and the Mullen Ranch had come and gone. Farms were acquired either through homesteading or purchase from the railroad. Interestingly, 91% of the land in the 43 sections in this area is owned by families who have been here over 100 years.  When the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad built a line from Omaha to Colorado in December 1890, and needed a “water station” at this location, so our town was born.  Murdock’s population has remained a stable 200-250 throughout the years. Life centers around the agricultural interests with its co-op elevator, seed farm, bank, and good array of shops and businesses.

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Bulldogs Bar & Grill
301 Nebraska Street, Murdock, Nebraska 68407
Elmwood/Murdock North Teams
300 Wyoming St, Murdock, Nebraska 68407
Murdock Fields
Corner of 4th and Wyoming, Murdock, Nebraska 68407
Murdock Fire Department
207 Atlantic St, Murdock, Nebraska 68407
One-Room Schoolhouse
330 Nebraska Street, Murdock, Nebraska 68407
Trinity Lutheran Church
31104 Church Rd, Murdock, Nebraska 68407