Saunders and Cass County
An unusual feature of the boundary between Cass and Saunders Counties. Ashland forms a wedge on the southeast corner, projecting down between Lancaster County on the west and a small piece of Cass County that extends northward between the wedge and the Platte River on the east. This area was detached from Cass County and added to Saunders County in 1866. This is why the town borders lie in both counties. One of the reasons for adding this area of Ashland to Saunders County was to provide Saunders with a county seat. The new namesake, Alvin Saunders, was then serving as the last governor of Nebraska Territory.

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American Lutheran Church
1941 Silver St, Ashland, Nebraska 68003
Ashland Congregation Of Jehovah's Witnesses
1833 Furnas St, Ashland, Nebraska 68003
Ashland Police Department
2304 Silver St # 3, Ashland, Nebraska 68003
Ashland United Methodist Church
1442 Adams St, Ashland, Nebraska 68003
Carol Joy Holling Center
27416 Ranch Rd., Ashland, Nebraska 68003
Cellar 426
1402 Dennis Dean Rd, Ashland, Nebraska 68003
Iron Horse Golf Course
900 Clubhouse Drive, Ashland, Nebraska 68003
Kimbely Creek Retreat
30010 Kimberly Creek Drive, Ashland, 68003
Pine Grove RV Park & Campground
23403 Mynard Road (off I-80 Exit 420), Ashland, Nebraska 68366
Quarry Oaks Golf Course
16600 Quarry Oaks Drive, Ashland, Nebraska 68003-3820
Riverview Community Church
204 N 16th St, Ashland, Nebraska 68003
Round the Bend Steakhouse
30801 E. Park Highway, Ashland, Nebraska 68003
Saint Mary's Church
1625 Adams St, Ashland, Nebraska 68003
United Methodist Church-Ashland
1802 Adams St, Ashland, Nebraska 68003
Word Of Hope Lutheran Church-Lcmc
157 S 22nd St, Ashland, Nebraska 68003