Located at the confluence of the Platte and Missouri rivers, our town played an important role during Nebraska’s formative years.  Samuel Martin obtained a license to operate a ferry across the Missouri at “Coonville” (now Glenwood), Iowa. In 1852, even before Nebraska was a territory opened for settlement, Martin received a permit from the Secretary of War to establish a trading post at what was to become “Plattsmouth.” He built a two-story house, and another building in which he met to trade with the Otoe and Pawnee Indians who lived nearby.  When this location was passed over for territorial capital, a town-company was formed October 26, 1854. The following March it was incorporated by the legislature and named the seat of government in Cass County, which stretched “…to the west boundary of ceded lands.” The annual Kass Kounty King Korn Karnival (now known as  the Plattsmouth Harvest Festival) was first held in 1931 to lift the spirits of Depression-weary residents, has continued to be a big annual event. This rural-urban cooperation continues to play a vital role in Plattsmouth’s modern-day development.

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