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502 Main Street, Plattsmouth, Nebraska 68048
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Museum Of Shadows has been featured on Highlight Hollywood & Destination America
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Meet AYDA, The Most Haunted Doll in the World!! 💀 Self-guided Tours $15 per person , 3 level Building , with over 3000 haunted artifacts!

Try the NEW PARANORMAL CHALLENGE 👻 It’s what we are known for !

No reservations required! Have the REAL Haunted Location Experience, nothing simulated ! Memberships available!

MUSEUM OF SHADOWS Investigation, or Paranormal Experience, is housed in a historic 1881 building. It once was home to a saloon, brothel, morgue, and is now the site of a 15,000 square foot Museum full of donated Haunted Artifacts. Take a self-guided tour as we rent the latest, state-of-the-art equipment to explore and investigate the building and encounter the spirits that inhabit its space.

With the numerous amount of hauntings reported, voted one of the nation’s most haunted museums, what do you choose when you’re on vacation or when you have guests in town? You can choose between your traditional haunted walking tour of our building and the historic city of Plattsmouth, or you can really get your heart racing with a true

hands-on paranormal investigation. If you want an intense paranormal experience, might as well go to one of the most haunted locations in the world.

You will be given the opportunity to become a ghost hunter, much like your favorites on TV. You are given the opportunity to rent equipment, or bring your own, to investigate our Museum of Shadows.

Ghost Hunts/GHOST TOURS 
Daily Self-Guided Tours 👻
Open Year round
Hold an artifact 💀

Our building has been the scene of 13 different deaths, including a few murders that occurred in the early 1900s. Three woman from the brothel were brutally attacked, two killed on site, and one man left for dead. Their murderer, some believe, was never caught and may have used our underground tunnels to escape.

One of these ladies is seen in a white gown with multiple stab wounds, often seen and felt roaming the east side of the building. At times, you will be able to interact with her. She’ll make the hair on your arms stand straight up and the batteries in your equipment drain!

There are multiple children that has been seen running in the museum and have been captured on camera — both photo and video. Each day, guests see orbs and apparitions with their own eyes  , voices are heard through the spirit box, and more. Customers leave with more than just a memory  full of experiences , but with a new taste for the paranormal and an adrenaline rush for the unknown.

During the evening investigations, you will be given a brief history of the location, tour of our three-story building , and then LIGHTS OUT to communicate , use our equipment, and investigate the building together.

Join us , if you dare.

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