Cass County is a Part of The Good Life Vidoe Series

Cass County Tourism – June 12, 2017

Back in April this year our office was contacted by OJ Utter who is an talented videographer that was inspired by some Facebook videos that really didn’t provide as good of a look or message of Nebraska as he would have liked.  Here is OJs story.

“I am looking at making a video series highlighting what is special about each county in Nebraska featuring some aerial shots of the county, places of interest, interviews with special people, and whatever else comes up along the way.

In doing this I realized 2 things- #1 Most of America and the world knows and looks at most of Nebraska like was depicted in these videos and maybe little more. #2 There is so much more to Nebraska and its diversity that 5 minutes of video really does this great state a disservice. As a result I wanted to begin my own Facebook series of exploring each county in Nebraska and producing a 2-3 minute story (multiples when needed) on each and every county over the next 2 years. On a weekly visit I and members of my family are going to visit a different county and produce One video for One county each week of the year and post it to One platform- Facebook.

My goal with each video is to highlight those “hidden” treasures that maybe not everyone knows about and that makes that particular county special.

Each year our family does a family reunion at Mahoney State Park in June. This year it is the weekend of June 9th. I know I will highlight Mahoney State Park but am also wanting to show that not only is there the state park and the SAC Museum there are also other hidden treasures like Grandpa Woods Golf Course that the guys go golfing at each year.”

After providing OJ a few close-by attractions he produced this wonderful video. Please take a look and feel free to share his video.

“You also might get a kick out of our preview video too-

Cass County Tourism is thankful to OJ and his family for sharing this fantastic experience with us and we hope that he can experience more of Cass Counties ‘hidden treasures’.

If you would like to share a video of your experience in Cass County we would love to see it. Please email us or give us a call at 402-699-8446.